The Program

Day 1 - Business Day

The Business Day was dedicated to decision makers, project and marketing managers, technical leaders and other business-focused attendees. With interesting presentations and case studies of different industries the speakers explained the significance of modern content management systems and storytelling for business success.

Day 1

Day 2 - Future Day

On Future Day speakers present their knowledge and ideas on the current state and future of the internet. This day contained a lot about our new released TYPO3 CMS version and other hot stuff! This year we have a lot of exciting presentations and interesting discussions.

Day 2

About the program

This year’s conference features a wide range of sessions with an interesting mix of topics for developers and for TYPO3 users alike, as well as for decision makers and marketing managers.

Every day will have it's own focus:
Day1: Business and Day2: Future. Many international speakers will present their experiences and visions.

This year we will also have Case Studies, PechaKucha's and Open Source Discussions - reach it out!

At the evening of the first day we will celebrate with you the TYPO3 Award. 

Spread the Word

Of course we want you to help us spread the word about the coming TYPO3 conference. We have a dedicated page with banners and other images that you can use. If you are looking for some further in-depth information or you would like to interview us for your magazine or blog, then send us a request.

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